Product Return Procedure

In order to optimize its Customer Service and to avoid any ambiguity, PRAN Systems Inc., has a Material Return Policy to facilitate the repairs and to reduce the answering delay. This policy allows a better control before the parts arrive at our plant.

  • •    Every module is considered repairable except in writing by PRAN Systems, Inc.;

  • •    No module will be credited except if mentioned in the contract;

  • •    PRAN Systems Inc. commits to execute the repair within 48 hours after reception 

  •      for a shipping containing 2 modules or less;

  • •    Over 2 modules, PRAN Systems Inc. will execute the repair on a first arrived first 

  •      served basis;

  • •    Each module will automatically be repaired if the repair equals 20% or less of its 

  •      sales value;

  • •    Each module will automatically be repaired unless an estimation is required by 

  •       the customer;

  • •    Each module has to be returned in the same condition as it was sent from

  •       PRAN Systems Inc.

  •      All missing or broken parts will be replaced at the customer’s charge;

  • •    Each module received requires a complete description of the occurring problem(s) 

  •      as well as a summary of all the already applied tests on the module;

  • •    Each module has to be returned in an appropriate packing, in order not to be damaged 

  •      during transport. Any repair caused by an inappropriate packing will not be guaranteed;

  • •    The customer remains responsible for the freight charges unless described otherwise on the quotation.


To conform to our Return Policy, please communicate with us to get an authorization number:

Phone: 1-866-688-7726 #236

Particular cases

When a returned module is diagnosed functional, in other words, not damaged, a minimum fee will be charged for the performed labor. In the same manner, when the problem is due to a missing or defective part (ex.: fuse, jumper, broken connector), the client will be charged for the labor and the replaced parts, in order to able PRAN to return a module that is conform to PRAN’s product on its initial sale.