PR3610 SWITCHPLEX - CAN Bus 6 Multiplexed Rocker Sw. Unit

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PR3610 SWITCHPLEX - CAN Bus 6 Multiplexed Rocker Sw. Unit

The PR3610 contains 6 rugged Carling rocker switch units on CAN bus, offering a maximum versatility with the highest function feedback level for the user. -40°C to 85°C and 9-32Vdc operating. Featured with Inputs & Outputs.


Product details

The PR3610 - SWITCHPLEX CAN Bus 6 Multiplexed Rocker Switches Unit is designed to significantly reduce the wiring, usually required for standard switch installations.  In many cases it can reduce a 6 switch wiring up to 90%. This unit enables you to control any kind of load via a CAN bus I/O controller. This module is compatible with all the other Pran I/O controllers. A high level diagnosis is readable at any time by the user thanks to the LED on each switch.It can even indicate when the load is correctly activated and also indicate open and short circuit using a status LED blinking code.


The key features on Pran’s modules, compared to its competitors, offer also signal inputs and low outputs, allowing the integration of other surrounding electrical components to be added to the multiplexed network without adding extra controllers. Since it has some I/O’s, it can either be used as a slave or a master unit following custom logic.


Key Benefits

  • All in one, Smart Multiplexed switch solution
  • Well known Carling good switches feeling and reliability
  • Reduces significantly wiring and installation time
  • Offers live diagnoses on LED status
  • Provides general purpose I/O for multiplexing expansion
  • Allows maximum versatility with momentary switch types
  • Programmable and configurable using VisionplexIII software


This PR3610 comes standard with IP60-40 ( IP60 from the front and IP40 from the back) characteristics, as, designed for in cab usage. -40°C to 80°C and 9-32Vdc operating.  It is also shock and vibration resistant and designed in accordance with SAE J1455, J1113-11-12-13 specifications.


This device can be provided with a simple LEDs indicator (TELL-TALE ) instead of switches. With this feature, the device can be used to display any binary information from the J1939 engine ECM such as Low oil pressure, high temperature, low fluid levels… etc.. Every useful Diagnostic Troubleshooting Code (DTC) can be displayed. Contact PRAN's representative for more information about these features.


The PR3610 can be provided with J1939 or CAN Open (301-401) generic firmware for slave applications.


This device is designed with an open architecture, which allows software designers to create their own software for master applications. Pran also provides tools to simplify the program creation. For more information on how to program, kindly see tools section. Pran Systems can also design a specific program for your application. We have a great expertise in a very wide application range.



Hardware Features

  • -40°C to 80°C Operating;
  • 9 to 32Vdc Operating with reverse polarity protection;
  • 1 CAN 2.0b port SAE-J1939;
  • IN1-6: (DA28) 0-28.5V ADC= 0-1023 bits  Note: Pull Up=4.5v, Z=57Kohms;
  • OUT1: 1.0Amp Sinking;
  • VREF=10V;
  • VOUT=1.3A;
  • VDIM=Yes (LED dimmer signal input).


Mechanical Features

  • Standard Enclosure, IP60 Front, IP40 back


Switch Features

  • Carling Contura II Style;
  • 6x Double Through Momentary;
  • All have Black Caps;
  • One backlight lens on each switch (Green);
  • One status lens on each switch (Red);
  • Standard LED lights. 



Provided with Pran Generic Firmware for custom application design with Pran controllers. See our Software development Kit for more info.

Also available with CAN J1939 Slave Firmware, Contact us for more info.


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