PR2450-00-00-S00 CAN Bus Battery Manager and Power Distribution Unit PLC

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PR2450 CAN Bus Battery Manager and Power Distribution 1

  • PR2450 CAN Bus Battery Manager and Power Distribution 1
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The PR2450 (PLC) is a 300Amp 3x battery bank isolator with smart management system. An all-in-one solution to extend the battery’s life and to reduce the fuel consumption with an Anti-Idling feature. It a 300Amp device capability with self protected (no fuse or diodes req.) It also has 8 inputs and 12 configurable outputs, operating 9-16Vdc.  Fast ROI! Programmable.


Product details

The PR2450 CAN Bus Multi Battery Isolator and Power Distribution Unit (PLC) is a state-of-the-art smart battery bank isolator unit, exclusive and developed by Pran, to improve battery bank isolation. The PR2450 is an ultra powerful device, 300Amp continuously, 500Amp peak, intended to manage electrical systems using up to 3 separate battery banks.

The major advantage is that the PR2450 eliminates voltage loss between the battery banks, which is not possible with traditional isolator systems. Until now, each battery bank was commonly isolated with power diodes that could not transfer sufficient power to every battery bank due to voltage loss. In comparison, the PR2450 completely eliminates voltage loss when the vehicle is running.  In comparison to traditional systems where voltage drops can reach over 1.0 Volts when high current is drained, the PR2450 maintains an average of only 0.1 Volts drop in the same conditions.

Another problem, due to the new alternator technology present in most vehicles is that when the charging system works by monitoring, only the main battery some charging problems appear when more than one battery bank is present in the vehicle. 

The PR2450 eliminates this problem. The Smart Power Shared technology allows each separated battery bank to be charged at the same time, either by the alternator or by the battery charger / shore line power.  In addition, the device is able to monitor current drawn on each separate battery bank, thus eliminates the need of current monitoring devices.


The PR2450 integrates also an Anti-Idling feature which can reduce the fuel consumption from 50% up to 80% during idle times, for vehicles that usually have to run all day long, in order to maintain the battery voltage or a convenient cab temperature.  

This device can also manage fast Idle functions over CAN bus J1939 to the ECM with configurable RPM settings.


Key Benefits

  • All-in-one Cost effective solution, offering a fast Return on Investment;
  • Reduces fuel consumption significantly with its Anti-Idling feature;
  • Eliminates significant voltage drops;
  • Automatic boost mode for engine start up;
  • Eliminates auxiliary battery banks having charging problems caused by the new smart alternator;
  • Programmable and configurable using VisionPlexIII software;
  • Self protected (no additional circuit protection device is required).



  • Emergency vehicles – power management 
  • Work truck equipments 
  • Electrical vehicles 
  • Retrofitting of most DC power systems


The PR2450 is designed with IP20 rated characteristics because it is meant to be installed into the electrical compartment.

This unit has been designed with 12 Smart High Power Outputs and several of them are 20A, self protected for over load and short circuit. These smart outputs also have current sensing features with a minimum resolution of 100mA. It also has 8 smart configurable inputs.

This device has a sleep mode function allowing power savings with ultra low power consumption of 14mA and can be wake-up from dedicated inputs or by CAN communication. This device is also featured with a programmable self shutdown control function, allowing you to choose the right moment for shutdown.

The PR2450 can communicate with the other CAN bus devices, such as diesel engines, transmission systems and more. It can get any available parameter, DTC and can even send special commands to the ECM or another CAN device.

The PR2450 can be provided with J1939 generic firmware for slave applications.

This device is designed with an open architecture, which allows software designers to create their own software for master (stand alone) applications. Pran also provides tools to simplify the program creation. For more information on how to program, see tools section. Pran Systems can also design a specific program for your application since we have a great expertise in a very wide application ranges.



Hardware Features

  • Operating supply voltage range: 9 to 16 V
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +80°C
  • IP20 enclosure with Fan ( IP60 version without fan available )
  • 1 CAN 2.0b port SAE-J1939
  • 1 CAN 2.0b port
  • 1 CAN single wire SAE-J2411
  • I/O and Diagnostic LEDs
  • Maximum total continuous current: 300A
  • No Top Fuse
    • IN1-8: (DA10) 0-10.0V ADC= 0-1023 bits  Note: Pull Up=4.5v, Z=94Kohms 
  • 8x Signals Inputs. All inputs accept digital signal from 0 to 32Vdc. Electrical details for analog types.
  • Wake up; IN1-6=Hi, IN7-8=Low
  • 12x Outputs Sourcing / Sinking
  • OUT1-4: 20Amp Sourcing with current sensing
  • OUT5-6: 10Amp Sourcing with current sensing
  • OUT7-12: 1.0Amp Sourcing
  • BAT1: 100Amp with current sensing
  • BAT2: 200Amp with current sensing
  • BAT3: 40Amp with current sensing
  • 1x Alternator Power Input 300A
  • 3x Battery Terminals


See Spec sheets in the documents section for more details 

*Connection cables sold separately, see related products section.



Provided without software. For custom application design. See our Software development Kit for more info.

Also available with CAN J1939 or CAN Open 301-401 Slave Firmware, See PR2450 Series category or contact us for more info.

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