PR3431-00-00-S00 - CAN Bus Dual DC Motor Controller PLC

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PR3431 - CAN Bus Dual DC Motor Controller front1

  • PR3431 - CAN Bus Dual DC Motor Controller J1
  • PR3431 - CAN Bus Dual DC Motor Controller front1
  • PR3431 - CAN Bus Dual DC Motor Controller J2
  • PR3431 - CAN Bus Dual DC Motor Controller top

The PR3431 (PLC) is a compact and powerful solution to control two independent 25A DC Motors with variable speed control and accurate current detection. Designed for harsh environment, 9-32Vdc system and -40°C to +80°C fully operating. No firmware.


Product details

The PR3431 - POWERPLEX CAN Bus Dual DC Motor Controller (PLC) has two independent & Bi-directional motor output drives suitable for most brushed DC motor. Each drive handles up to 25Amp peak, 15 Amp nominal, with variable speed control and accurate current detection. Speed control by PWM where frequency and duty cycles are fully adjustable. Motor terminals shunting and over-current reading which in effect, will significantly improve both the performance and reliability of any motor control system.


Moreover, the PR3431 is designed with several multipurpose I/Os with 12 Signal Inputs that can be analog or digital software configurable and has also 7 smart outputs, that are low side, high side or  both. All outputs are fully protected against over current and short circuits and even featured with accurate current detection. This device has also LED's for each single I/O for quick diagnosis.


Key Benefits


  • • All in one compact, powerful, cost effective Dual Motor Controller and motor drives
  • • High feedback current reading accuracy even in PWM
  • • Reduces significantly wiring and installation time
  • • Outputs self protected against short circuit with live diagnostic, no need for fuses
  • • Provides live diagnostic on status LED
  • • Featured with general purpose I/O for additional functionality
  • • Allow maximum versatility with custom memory parameters
  • • Programmable and configurable using VisionplexIII software




  • • Window & Door controller 
  • • Wheelchair ramp 
  • • Electric seats with setting memories 



This device has a sleep mode function allowing power saving with ultra low power consumption of 14mA and can be wake up from dedicated inputs or by CAN communication. The PR3431 can communicate with other CAN bus devices, such as diesel engines, transmission systems and more. It can get any available parameter, DTC and even send special commands to ECM or other CAN devices.


The PR3431 has an IP66 rated enclosure that makes it dust tight and waterproof. In addition being waterproof, it is also shock and vibration resistant. It is designed in accordance with SAE J1455, J1113-11-12-13 specifications.


The PR3431 can be provided with J1939 or CAN Open (301-401) generic firmware for slave application. 

This device is designed with an open architecture, that allow software designers to create their own software for master applications. Pran provides tools to simplify the program creation. For more information on how to program, see tools section. Pran Systems can also design a specific program for your application. We have a great expertise in a very wide application range.



Hardware Features

  • • Fully IP66 rated enclosure
  • • -40°C to +80°C Operating
  • • 9 to 32Vdc Operating with reverse polarity protection
  • • 1x CAN 2.0b  J1939
  • • 1x CAN 2.0b port
  • • 12x Signals Inputs. All inputs accept digital signals from 0 to 32Vdc. Electrical details for analog types:
    • ➣ IN1-12: (DA28) 0-28.5V ADC= 0-1023 bits  Note: Pull Up=4.5v, Z=57Kohms
    • ➣ OUT1-3: 1.0Amp Sinking
    • ➣ OUT4-5: 4.0Amp Sourcing with current reading / 1.0Amp Sinking
    • ➣ OUT6-7: 4.0Amp Sourcing with current reading
  • ➣ Wake up; IN5, 8, 10 =low; IN12=Hi 
  • ➣ 7x Outputs Sourcing / Sinking
  • • 2x Motor Output Bi-directional 15A Nominal with current reading


See Spec sheet in the documents section for more details 




Provided without software. For custom application design. See our Software development Kit for more info.

Also available with CAN J1939 or CAN Open 301-401 Slave Firmware, Contact us for more info.

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