PR3804-07-00-S00 CAN Bus Rugged Multifunction Display 3.7in

SKU : PR3804-07-00-S00

PR3804-07-00-S00 CAN Bus Rugged Multifunction Display 3.7in

The PR3804 offers a premium monochrome VFD display solution on J1939 CAN bus. The partial IP66 rated design, -40°C to 80°C and 9-32Vdc operating, rugged & perfect for harsh environment. Featured with Inputs.


Product details

The PR3804 CAN Bus Rugged Multifunction Display 3.7in is the ultimate solution to display all available CAN bus data in real harsh environment applications. The fully -40°C to +80°C and 9-32Vdc operation makes it incomparable to any other display product on the market. You can display engine data or any other data from the body network on the same display.  The module is SAE J1708 or SAE J1939 compatible. The module has a Vacuum Fluorescent Display of 128 x 64 pixels with graphical capabilities.  The module is equipped with a 124Kbytes of FLASH technology for graphics data. Users graphics can also be displayed on the module.


Moreover, the PR3804 is designed with 6 general purpose signal Inputs which can be software configurable; analog or digital.


Key benefits


  • Simple solution to display data from CAN bus Engine controller
  • Ultra rugged and reliable display fully working -40°C to +80°C
  • User can configure the look of the displayed information.
  • Optional parameters are software configurable.




  • Trucks and tractors 
  • Mobile machines 
  • Generators 


The PR3804 can communicate with other CAN bus devices, such as diesel engines, transmission systems and more. It can get any available parameters, DTC and even sent special commands to ECM or other CAN devices.


The PR3804 is standard featured with IP66-40 (IP66 from the front and IP40 from the back) characteristics and it is also shock and vibration resistant. It is designed in accordance with SAE J1455, J1113-11-12-13 specifications.

The PR3804 can be provided with J1939 generic cluster application.  

This device is designed with an open architecture, which allows software designers to create their own software for master applications. Pran provides tools to simplify the program creation. For more information on how to program, see tools section. Pran Systems can also design a specific program for your application. We have a great expertise in a very wide application range.



Hardware Features


  • IP66-40 rated enclosure
  • 3.75 in Industrial grade VFD screen, 128 x 64px
  • -40°C to +80°C operating
  • 9 to 32Vdc operating with reverse polarity protection
  • 6 keys generic membrane
  • 1x CAN 2.0b port SAE-J1939
  • 1x CAN 2.0b port
  • Real time clock
  • 6x Signals Inputs. All inputs accept digital signals from 0 to 32Vdc.
    • Electrical details of analog types:
      • IN1-6: (DA28) 0-28.5V ADC= 0-1023 bits  Note: Pull Up=4.5v, Z=57Kohms


See technical sheet in the documents section for more details




Provided without software. For custom application design. See our Software development Kit for more info.

Also available with CAN J1939 Engine Information Display software

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