CAN Bus Generic Hydraulic Control kit

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CAN Bus Generic Hydraulic Control kit

This is the simplest solution on the market to implement hydraulic controls to many application types such as lifts, cranes, aerials, snow blowers and more. It’s an ultra versatile, configurable and expendable system allowing an easy and fast integration and it is compatible with almost all electrical valve brands.


Product details

The CAN Bus Generic Hydraulic Control kit has been designed to offer a maximum versatility and to manage all the aspects of the most common hydraulic control systems for many applications types such as lifts, cranes, aerials, snow blowers and more. This system is able to manage not only the hydraulic solenoid valves but also most parts of the related devices commonly needed, such as hydraulic pumps that are PTO enable, fluid cooling systems, limit switches, dead man triggers, buzzers, strobe lights and more.


This exclusive Pran solution offers more functionalities’, such as fast idle and transmission interlock for smarter and safer operations, because of to the communication between the engine and the transmission over the CAN Bus J1939.


Pran’s Electrical Hydraulic Valve Controller offers a lot of advantages for many application types. It optimizes the hydraulic hardware side thanks to the joystick and can be installed almost anywhere on the machine without having to install hydraulic hoses into to the control station. The valve drives and command devices are separated. Moreover, the versatility that Pran’s architecture offers, allows you to expend the system by adding more I/O controllers or command devices such as displays.      


Key Benefits

  • •    Easy and fast integration onto your hydraulic system
  • •    Perfect integration with engine and transmission or other systems by the CAN bus
  • •    Wiring reduction and installation time as well with CAN bus command devices
  • •    Advanced features such live load diagnostic & live monitoring with Pran’s tools or displays
  • •    Easy custom modifications


Typical Applications

  • •    Lifts, aerials and cranes 
  • •    Show blowers 
  • •    Loaders and earth moving equipments 


The PR2301 is designed to offer a variety of possibilities to drive proportional and On/Off valves. It can drive up to 3 bi-directional proportional spool valves (PVG style) or up to 12 proportional valves in close loop with high precision current control. Moreover, it can be configured to drive up to 16 “bang bang” valves independently. All outputs are designed with smart solid state relays suitable for all inductive or resistive loads and are fully protected against short circuits. This system offers many great functional capabilities such as pulse width modulation (PWM) for variable intensity controls. It can even detect open load circuits.


The PR2301 is based on the CAN bus Multiplexing technology which means that each signal of the electrical system is linked to specific electronic controller which ensures that all the signals’ states information’s are shared between each module of the network. This technology has already been proven in today’s trucks. Pran’s multiplexed systems greatly optimize your vehicles by integrating all electrical components into a unique system.


Pran’s solutions offer a lot of advantages. These solutions simplify and reduce electrical wiring significantly, diminish problem sources and make you save installation and troubleshooting time. Furthermore, they propose a lot of versatility by bringing up much more features that are impossible with traditional electrical systems.


Pran’s systems are based on an open architecture, which allows software designers to create their own software. Pran can also provide tools to simplify the program creation. For more information on how to program, consult our tools section. Pran can conceive complete solutions based on its great expertise with multiplexed electrical systems and create application designs for emergency vehicles.




The CAN Bus Generic Hydraulic Control kit is offered in different versions in order to meet your exact requirements.

Depending on your applications, the I/O controller can be used as “stand-a-lone” unit and can standard even support 2 axis analog joysticks. This system offers the choice between 2 different I/O controllers; the PR2301 (16x In 16x Out) or the PR2306 (16x In 28x Out) controller and even the choice between 2 different command devices; the PR9903, a 9 functions joystick or the PR9913 4 analog axis + 4 function joystick. Pran’s Generic Hydraulic Control kits are compatible with almost all electrical valve brands.

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